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Electric Vans vs Conventional Vans

Looking to expand your vehicle fleet or upgrade it with new vans? Now is the best time to consider electric van leasing vs. conventionally powered van leasing. Fuel prices are rising and there is a nation-wide call for businesses to run a greener operation, from recycling waste material through to running your entire business on renewable energy. However, there are drawbacks to electric power, and most businesses in the UK run their operations on conventionally powered vans. So…

Why Choose an Electric Van?

Some people still hold reservations about electric vehicles and would rather stay with a diesel or petrol fleet. However, there are reasons why a fleet of electric vans is considered by some to be the way forward.

Electric vehicles are cheaper to run compared to fuel. The cost of charging a vehicle to its full capacity is cheaper than if you were to fill up a vehicle with a full tank of petrol. The price of petrol is often fluctuating depending on the global supply, whereas the price of electricity is often pretty stable.

Climate change is not a myth, and that has been proven by rising sea levels, changing temperatures, polluted atmosphere and more. Burning fossil fuels, like petrol, over the past 150 has contributed to climate change across the globe. Electric vehicles eliminate any emissions caused by the vehicle.

Why Choose a Conventionally Powered Van?

Fuel stations are available in almost every town, city and village across the UK, allowing conventional vans to travel to all ends of the country. One of the main drawbacks of electric vehicles is their range. Most vehicles are limited to 100 miles on a full charge. This issue is also coupled with the fact that charging points aren’t as readily available as fuel stations and charging to full power can take a long time. This short range can become an issue for businesses who need to cover a significant number of miles.

There is also a wide variety of conventional vans available to lease. They range in size, make and uses, so there is a van for every business use. As much as the electric van market is growing, there are much fewer options when choosing a van to lease, and some businesses will struggle to find a suitable van to lease.

Why Choose Leasing?

Whatever your choice of vehicle, Dawsongroup Finance can help you. We can help with all sorts of business needs, from the lease of one van to a whole fleet of vans. Find out how we can help you get the best vans to lease by emailing info@dgfinance.co.uk, calling 01425 474070, or using our contact form. One of our friendly team members can discuss your options and find a cost-effective lease deal for you.