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Finance ANY asset! Wide world of asset financing

When you think of asset finance you probably think about company cars and vans, haulage trucks, or even large factory machinery. You probably don’t think about interior design, or justice and judicial activities, holiday accommodation, or fisheries.

We think about all that and more, because when it comes to asset financing, the list of areas and industries we work in, and the variety of businesses and commercial and public sector activities we help support is absolutely vast!

Variety is the spice of life

Getting to know different businesses and understanding their needs is what makes us tick – and we are proud to work across such a broad cross-section, from heavy industry, to creatives, to high-tech.

Such is the scope of our business that the likelihood is you will have in some way come across or been impacted it whether you know it or not – maybe you’ve purchased a product processed by a machine we financed, or if the contents of your bins end up at a waste processing plant equipped with assets financed by us.

From restaurants, to road construction, to removals; from scaffolding, to smokehouses, to soft furnishings; and from plastering, to printing, to property management – in fact it might actually be harder to think of a sector or business type that we haven’t worked with than list all the ones we have!

And you’d be surprised at the number of customers we have who financed assets for unusual or unexpected purposes. To give you an idea, here are a few we’ve financed recently:

Spa pool

Wrapping Machine

Marmite sprayer

Bus ticket machine

Printing press


Trawler fishing boats

Think differently

As you can see, we are open to businesses of every kind and of all sizes, from multi-nationals, to startups – provided you have great ideas and plenty of ambition we can help. As long as businesses continue to be creative and innovate, so do we; so if there is an asset, no matter how unusual it may be, that can help take your business to where it should be, then it might be time we had a conversation.

Get in touch – you might be surprised about what we can do for you! Contact the Dawsongroup Finance team on: Reach us at info@dgfinance.co.uk or by calling 01425 474070.