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Rural bus services are declining – that’s a fact. Services in rural areas, where 50% of residents have the poorest accessibility to public services, have seen a 6% drop in mileage whilst less people are using buses to travel. This has led to a wide range of issues for people in the countryside and rural bus operators. This is why it is important to challenge the decline in rural bus services.

What Problems Has the Decline in Rural Bus Services Caused?

Buses are important in urban areas but are especially important in rural areas where people need public transport for just simplest of things, such as doing the weekly shop. Bus services are also important for much wider societal reasons.

Younger people in rural areas particularly struggle when services are reduced or cut. Firstly, without access to buses, younger people working entry-level jobs will struggle to commute to their place of work. In turn, this causes an issue for local employers to find and retain staff. For students, a lack of transport will lead to poor attendance at school or college, and perhaps influence their choice of college if they deem the location to be inaccessible.

The closure of vital GP surgeries has left many rural communities relying on bus links to access proper health and social care. This lack of access to health and social care creates a cycle where people become isolated, experience greater physical/mental health problems and are then unable to access the support they need.

With a lack of bus services, rural residents will look to source private transport, which has a damaging effect on the environment. For each double decker bus, up to 75 cars are taken off the road, reducing congestion, improving air quality and tackling the other issues caused by cars.

The Solution to This Decline with Dawsongroup Finance

A lack of funding and an increase in operating costs has been cited as a cause for reduction in bus services, especially in rural areas. Funding providers, banks and central government have all had a part to play in this reduction of funding. That’s where we can help.

Dawsongroup Finance recognise the importance that rural bus service have, not only for the countryside community, but also for wider society.

With this in mind, we provide over 2,000 bus related assets each year with cost-effective finance packages to ensure that rural bus operators can actually afford to run their operations. Through our continued work with Dawsongroup Bus and Coach, we understand more than just balance sheets and blend this financial support practical help, advice and maintenance.

If you want our help, email info@dgfinance.co.uk or fill out our contact form.