Choosing a Lorry Trailer

Haulage companies often have difficulties choosing a lorry trailer as there are so many different options out there. Size of trailer, cost, functions – these are all things you have to consider. Making the right choice for your business is vital, as a trailer that isn’t fit for purpose will be useless for your operations. So, here is a list of trailer types to help you make the right the choice.

Commercial Box Trailers

Box trailers are one of the most common forms of trailer, especially in the road transport industry. If you are wondering what this trailer is best used for, it can be used for basically all cargo!

Features and characteristics of a box trailer is important to consider. A standard commercial box trailer is usually around 14m long and 4m high, with each trailer having a variable capacity, so this has to be compared against the amount of goods you are transporting.

Another feature to consider if you are transporting goods is a tail lift. This makes loading and unloading heavy materials much easier, especially if there isn’t a loading area where you are delivering. This will be an optional feature on most vans, so make sure that request this if it would be of use for you.


Curtainside Trailers

Another very popular choice when choosing a lorry trailer is the curtainside trailer. Otherwise known as a tautliner, the curtainside trailers have very similar features and characters to the box trailers, except for one difference – the material it is made from.

The frame of the trailer is metal, but the sides are made from a rigid fabric material which can be removed for easy access to the cargo. This is a perfect choice if you are loading large amounts of materials, as it can be loaded from all areas, rather than just the rear.


Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers also have a very similar exterior look and dimensions to the commercial box trailer but is designed to transport a very specific type of cargo. Any food goods that are kept in cool conditions need to be transported in a refrigerated trailer. If you are carrying other cargo that doesn’t need to be kept cold, your best option is either the box trailer or the curtainside trailer.


Fund Your Trailer with a Lease or Finance Deal

We hope that this list has helped you in the tricky process of choosing a lorry trailer. If any of these sound suitable for your business, let us know. Rather than spending a sum of money on buying the trailer outright, why not choose a cost-effective lease or finance deal? Find out how we can help you by emailing, calling 01425 474070, or using our contact form.