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How to reduce warehouse costs!

There are many ways in which you can reduce costs, but here are our five top tips:

Make the Most of Your Warehouse

Making the most of your warehouse is a great place to start reducing costs. As operations start to increase in size, you might need to hire a new warehouse space. However, this costly acquisition can be avoided if you utilize your existing space. Buying some space-saving shelving and racking to fit more material in your current space would be a much cheaper alternative to acquiring a further warehouse space.

Prevent Damage

Damaged materials in your warehouse result in a loss of profit as it is your responsibility to ensure the material’s safe handling. This is why proper storage procedures for each type of material should be used to ensure that damage does not occur. Damage can also be prevented by using high-quality tools and material handling equipment that are more capable of protecting materials.

Modernise Your Material Handling Equipment

Old equipment doesn’t work as well as brand-new modern kit – that’s a fact! Replacing your old material handling equipment with new equipment will guarantee an increase in productivity and energy savings through your operations. A more productive operation will allow you to take on more materials and also avoid fines for delays.

Use Your Equipment Correctly

It’s surprising how much material handling equipment is suitable for a wide variety of tasks around the warehouse. For example, a forklift is often used for moving goods around the warehouse but can also be used as an alterative to an access crane. The reduces the cost of buying multiple handling apparatus.

Try Leasing or Financing Your Material Handling Equipment

From a fleet of fork-lift trucks to a heavy-duty crane, the material handling industry has allowed Dawsongroup Finance to demonstrate its abilities in helping companies find the right cost-effective asset finance package to suit their needs. To reduce your warehouse cost with brand-new material handling equipment, email us on info@dgfinance.co.uk or fill in our contact form.