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Refinancing to free up cash during the Coronavirus crisis

As measures to tackle the public health emergency posed by the Coronavirus pandemic engender an equally massive global economic emergency, businesses across the world are facing an unprecedented time of challenge and financial strain. As such, addressing immediate cash flow needs is absolutely paramount.

Businesses are now having to find their way in this new territory and explore these new lines of support open to them — but there are more familiar steps they can take now to provide the liquidity they need to get them through this period.

Dawsongroup Finance can offer the flexible refinance solutions businesses need to boost their cash reserves and provide the necessary means for businesses to keep going during these uncertain times.

We would urge all companies to keep in mind the three ‘R’s strategy if they have immediate concerns about their finances.

Review — Review all assets, vehicles and equipment on finance agreements or unencumbered within your business.

Release — Release equity from your company's assets to create a cashflow cushion.

Reduce — Reduce monthly payments and interests through consolidating existing finance agreements.

We are here and ready to help clients assess their assets and explore their refinancing options, and may be able to suggest innovative options and approaches they haven’t yet considered themselves. But we would urge you not to hesitate — by acting now you could better protect your business for the future.

No one can be in any doubt of just how tough this period will be for businesses — but together we can weather the storm, emerge and come back stronger.

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