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The Importance of Trucks in Logistics

The supply chain is made up of six main components – planning, sourcing, making, logistics, returning and enabling. In this article we are going to focus on the logistics component of the supply chain and the vital role that trucks play in this.

The Truck Industry’s Role in Logistics

There are a number of ways you can deliver goods. For large scale, cross-continent logistics, container ships are the best option. If you are running a local business and want to cut down on emissions, it might be that you deliver on foot.

However, one of the most commonly used methods of logistics is by truck, with more than 80% of inland freight carried on the road. It’s most likely that the screen you are reading this on now was delivered in a truck.

Even the CEO of Maersk, the largest shipping company in the world, is planning to expand more in inland logistics.

The fact that the truck industry is so important in logistics opens up a number of employment opportunities, with over 6.5million people in the EU employed in the industry.

Why Are Trucks Important in Logistics?

As mentioned above, trucks play a vital part in logistics, but why are they so important?

Firstly, trucks are very good for a wide variety of ranges. From small journeys between cities, through to cross-country journeys, trucks can deliver goods for just about any distance.

One of the other major benefits of using trucks in logistics is the complete door-to-door service offered – straight from the warehouse to the customers front door.

Furthermore, the single customs document process provides a seamless movement of goods even across various states and countries, whereas other logistics methods would take considerably longer.

The only downside is that trucks are limited as to what they can carry. Cross-continent logistics, where you need to haul a large amount of goods, are best left to shipping operators, as this will be more cost-effective for these lengths of journeys.

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