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The Dawsongroup Finance difference

With Dawsongroup Finance, your options are open. For large organisations, we offer a continuous support service: from initial consultancy and acquisition evaluation on any assets, through to tendering and analysis, on to transaction management through to end of term. It means you can have what is essentially a bespoke in-house style of service in what is an increasingly specialist area of commerce.

With SMEs, we find that, more than ever, companies seeking asset finance must be able to present a broad and positive picture of their business. Banks and manufacturers are often unlikely to help with that process, but Dawsongroup Finance can… and does!

We frequently find SME companies whose existing assets are either undervalued or, more often, poorly expressed in terms of overall value to their business. With many major banks and manufacturers still quite inflexible in their approach, the former unlikely to look much further than recent accounts, almost any business needs to enhance the way it tackles this issue. Building a credible proposition can often be the difference between success and failure in finding a funder, which is why Dawsongroup Finance takes so much care in helping clients with this vital aspect.

Even more important – Dawsongroup Finance will help you do it now, before you need asset finance. Because with a sound proposition you stand a far greater chance of securing offers of funding up-front, thereby giving yourself a far better chance doing the best deals on new or used vehicles, plant, equipment or premises. Once Dawsongroup Finance has packaged your business profile for you we then have a panel of over 20 funders on hand, all keen to help finance our clients. And remember, you don’t pay us any fees for this. Our income derives from those lenders, so you can come to us with real confidence in getting the right deals.

At its simplest, getting the best asset finance will always mean having access to as many funders as you can, with the minimum of effort on your part – and that’s the difference Dawsongroup Finance can make for you.