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The Solution to the Logistics Labour Shortage

The logistics industry is a vital component of society. It’s the reason we have food on our plates! However, there is currently a shortage of labour in the logistics industry and we are keen to offer businesses in the industry our thoughts on how this shortage might be solved.

Attract younger generations

One key solution to the logistics labour shortage is to ensure that the younger generations are joining the industry. This is currently one of the biggest hurdles for recruitment. Research by Talent in Logistics found that only 8% of people aged 11-20 consider logistics to be an attractive career option. What is more surprising is the fact that 42% of young people aren’t aware of what logistics actually is.

Educating young people is a good way to tackle the current youth labour shortage. This can be done by engaging with schools, colleges and universities. After all, only 18% of students have been spoken to at school or sixth form about logistics as a career path. By engaging your logistics business with an educational institution, you are actively educating young people in the industry and the opportunities it offers, whilst putting yourself first in line for attracting young people to logistics.

It’s well documented that younger people see the industry as having ‘barriers’, such as poor-quality vehicles, little investment in technology and occasionally poor working conditions. For those seeking to enter the industry as a driver, the cost of training can also be seen as a barrier. To overcome these issues, there are a number of steps you can take. Investing in up-to-date forklifts and trucks will enhance the appeal of working in logistics and make tasks more straightforward. New technology is constantly being developed, which is significant for potential workers as these innovations can also assist workers in their day-to-day role.

Train & develop staff

Efficiency is key throughout the whole supply chain, and a more efficient workforce will provide a significant impact on labour shortages. To increase the capabilities of your current workforce, training is essential. This will enable your business to provide a better service, but also reduces the need for a larger workforce as each worker will be able to fulfil more of their potential.

The offer of training opportunities is a big attraction for your potential workforce, as well. Most will appreciate the opportunity to develop their current skills, whilst learning new ways in which they can flourish.

How do you afford these changes?

All of these solutions to the logistics labour shortage cost money. New vehicles are a big sum of money to part with, technology isn’t free and training also has a price tag. This is where Dawsongroup Finance can help to make everything more affordable. We deliver asset finance and leasing strategies for business to improve their current fleet of vehicles, or simply secure a cost-effective business loan. Working with two of our sister companies, Dawsongroup Truck & Trailer and Dawsongroup Material Handling, we can also advise on which is the right asset for your business. Contact us by emailing info@dgfinance.co.uk or calling 01425 474070.