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5 reasons brokers choose us for asset finance

While we work with businesses directly, most of our asset finance deals are executed through our large network of brokers across the UK. We work with large national brokerage firms, smaller regional ones, and independent brokers. If they come to us with a feasible proposal for a clients’ businesses, we will consider it.

We’ve known many of the brokers in our network for years, while other partnerships are still quite new, but what the vast majority have in common is repeat business.

All brokers will have access to a large panel of lenders – but once they get to know and work with our experienced team at Dawsongroup Finance, we find they come back time and again! Here’re five reasons why…

With us, it’s personal

Building relationships is at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to get to know our brokers, whether that’s on the phone, face-to-face at our offices, or on one of our popular away-day events held up and down the country.

We think doing business is better when you can talk to someone on a personal level, as well as professionally. And because our team gets to know how each broker works and what they need, they make their lives easier too – often getting them answers before they’ve even asked the questions.

You can get hold of us

Is there anything more frustrating that someone not picking up the phone or returning your emails – especially when you’re trying to get a deal over the line? We can think of one… not being able to speak to anyone full stop!

At Dawsongroup Finance our team makes themselves available – we will always keep in close contact with brokers, providing updates as soon as we can. And we’re always one phone call away – a simple thing – but something so many fail to do!

No needless waiting

We set ourselves challenging targets when it comes to turning around deals – keeping speed, simplicity and accuracy in mind as we process applications.

And good communication powers it all – we work fast to resolve queries and try to get our brokers the right deal for their client, at the right time.

We finance all kinds of assets

While traditional hard assets – wheeled assets like trucks, trailers, tractors, and vans – are still our specialty, we finance a wide range of assets, including some business-critical soft assets, across diverse industries, from logistics, to food, to pharmaceuticals.

Don’t just think vehicles – think Marmite spreaders, bus ticket machines and salmon graders! (All genuine assets we’ve financed!)

As we develop relationships with our brokers, we urge them to come to us first – and we find we can still surprise them with the proposals we’ll consider, which are often very different to the more standard or traditional assets they approach us with to begin with.

We know what we’re doing

We might not be the biggest, but we have a wealth of expertise and experience in our team, built over decades, underpinning our reputation for excellent customer service and know-how.

Our underwriting process is transparent and efficient – but far from a box ticking exercise. Because we seek to understand businesses in the round, rather than applying ‘blunt’ black and white assessment measures, we’re able to work with a far broader range.

And because we come under the umbrella of the wider Dawsongroup PLC, we also have access to a network across many of the sectors our brokers’ clients work in, so that also helps us understand their businesses and offer sensible competitive rates they’ll be satisfied with.

So, if you’re a broker and you’re not yet part of our network, is it time to find out for yourself why you should be?

Get in touch with the team now at info@dgfinance.co.uk or by calling 01425 474070.