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‘Tis the season for smart financial moves

As Christmas draws near, many people are left speeding to the shops to find the perfect present and often businesses feel the pressure to keep up with the high demand from customers. 

But, this demand is not just felt from one side! From trying to stay afloat of the thousands of deliveries to accommodating more people using public transport, every industry could use the extra support. 

And, what better way to make the necessary changes to stay in the race, rather than utilising asset finance?

Unwrap the gift of asset finance 

Asset finance isn’t only a useful growth tool for businesses who want to expand their fleet or enter new markets, but is a handy device to take full advantage of during the busier seasons of the year, like the one we are in now.

There are many benefits to leasing more vehicles during the festive season other than just keeping up with the heightened demand and business growth… 

Keep your competitive edge 

From Black Friday specials to Christmas shopping demand and January sales, there are many points in a short span of time where customer demand increases significantly, and businesses need to adjust to that. 

During these key times, customers still expect the same, if not better, turn around times on things like delivery dates. So, by taking out a short-term lease to keep up with the higher demand, your business can retain its competitive edge and remind customers why they chose you in the first place! 

Have the latest fleet

Buying a brand-new vehicle, let alone a fleet’s worth, is not a cheap venture! However, with asset finance, not only can you lease these vehicles for a short period, but you don’t run the risk of losing too much capital. 

Another benefit of running an all-new fleet during the busier seasons is that you are more likely to have reliable vehicles that could also save your business money on running costs. From more fuel efficient vehicles to EVs, there are several options available that can help lower the bill at the end of the month. 

Be eco-friendly, and gain a customer

In our current era, many people are turning to environmentally-friendly businesses, and one of the areas they look at are the vehicles used to deliver them and the machinery used to make their favourite item. 

Whether there is a new range of eco-vans or an energy solution to power your factory, using asset finance is a great way to start to enter the environmentally friendly market!

The act of giving doesn’t end there… 

At Dawsongroup, some would say our Smarter Asset Strategy is in a box with a pretty bow, making it the best gift of all for businesses this year! 

By taking advantage of our client-first approach, your business can remain competitive and use the latest technology and eco-friendly vehicles – especially since our lease periods run from 13 weeks and up. 

Whether you are just getting a taste of a new product to try out for these busier seasons, or want to utilise it in the new year – this is the perfect time to try! 

If you are considering asset finance, contact us to find out more about the finance solutions we offer, and let us give you the best Christmas gift this year!