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Being prepared for the future

Future-ready is a term that we hear quite frequently these days, but what does it actually mean? Future-ready doesn’t mean being ready for a specific anticipated or known future, be that positive or negative – it is more about preparedness for future possibilities. It means putting yourself in a position to spring forward and seize opportunities as they arise by making the necessary preparations and building new capabilities now.

It is a term then, which is profoundly significant for UK businesses currently as they are preparing for the changing face of trade and commerce as Brexit is enacted, with a deal or without one, and for the undulating terrain that comes with the global pandemic.

So what can businesses do now to put themselves in the best place to act upon opportunities as they step into this uncertain future landscape?

Audit and assess

It is a great time to do a financial audit and take a look at all your assets to ensure they are serving you optimally and there are no gaps, and likewise nothing surplus to requirements.

For many in the logistics sector, this could be a good opportunity to reevaluate your fleet if you haven’t already done so – and to consider how you are funding it.

Finance options that suited you in the past may not now fit the bill. For example, it may make sense to lease a fleet rather than purchase it, leaving you more flexible and with greater cash liquidity – two important characteristics that could help your business navigate the choppy waters downstream.

For others, with interest rates still at a historic low in the UK, now might be the right time to be borrowing to secure the assets you need for your business to be robust and responsive to demand.

Why call Dawsongroup Finance?

While other finance providers might be turning businesses away at this time, unfairly penalising those who took the sensible option of a payment break during the lockdown period, businesses can look to Dawsongroup Finance to source and finance the assets they need.

With flexibility and a speed of response that banks and other independent finance providers cannot match, we can even find the right asset, secure funding, and complete the transaction all within the same day.

So if you’re preparing your business for the future post-Brexit and post-COVID, you may well find it helpful to speak with us. When it comes to being future-ready, we ready to help!

To find out how we might help you, just get in touch for free assistance and advice on info@dgfinance.co.uk or by calling 01425 474070.