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Dawsongroup – meet the family

Not everyone has heard the name, but the scale and nature of Dawsongroup’s business means that it is very likely that we will have had an impact on the lives of every reader of this blog – whether that has been in the supply of your food or clothes, or helping you travel from A to B, or keeping your city streets clean.

Being part of something bigger

Dawsongroup Finance is part of Dawsongroup PLC, a wider family of companies which specialise in commercial asset rental, leasing and sales. It has grown from truck and trailer rental, and now encompasses nine asset groups including vans, buses and coaches, material handling, sweepers and temperature control solutions.

With 40 years’ experience, the group now works throughout the UK and Europe with clients ranging from big corporates through to SMEs across sectors including logistics, retail, transportation, food production and pharmaceuticals. The underlying mission of the business is to give clients increased ability to seize growth opportunities without risking capital in depreciating assets.

Why it matters

So, what is the benefit of being part of a bigger family of companies? In short, it is great news for you, the existing and future clients of Dawsongroup Finance.

Because we are part of Dawsongroup, which itself has assets which last year totalled more than 28,000 units, Dawsongroup Finance has the benefit of unparalleled access to leading manufacturers and financial institutions.

That means we are often able to secure the best prices on the assets required by our customers, as well as delivering a range of highly competitive asset finance options, such as Hire Purchase and Finance Lease.

Reflecting this wider family of companies, trucks and trailers, buses and coaches, vans, plant and equipment are among the host of assets acquired using finance facilities provided by Dawsongroup Finance, as well as other assets such as agricultural equipment and commercial property. And for customers sourcing their own assets, we can still bring our considerable funding capabilities to bear.

What we can do for you

Because Dawsongroup Finance are part of a big group of companies, when you work with us, all that influence and capability can be harnessed for the benefit of your business.

Dawsongroup has thousands of assets in use across the same sectors in which many of our clients operate, and can draw on all that breadth and depth of experience. We have developed a deep understanding of the balance between ownership and usership, enabling us to help you prepare for an unforeseeable future.

And because we understand your business, Dawsongroup Finance are also the best placed to help you package and present it to lenders – knowledge that can make all the difference in securing the assets you need.

So if you are ready to tap into a deep pool of knowledge, experience and influence, then give us a call on 01425 474070 or email info@dgfinance.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming you to the family!