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EV fleets are the future – are you ready?

With sustainability being the forefront objective for many companies, and stats showing that the transport industry is the number one single contributor to emissions, more and more businesses are starting to consider the move to a full EV fleet.  

Make the move and save  

There are many reasons why companies are making this move. Whilst some joined the transition as part of the UK’s goal to reach net zero by 2050, others have taken on the task to save money and improve their brand image. 

But what are the financial benefits of making this move?   

Running an EV fleet can lead to financial savings in many different forms. From saving on the cost difference between fuel and energy to the lesser amount of charges when operating in clean air zones such as ULEZ, it offers businesses the chance to save thousands of pounds every year.  

With the help of asset finance, businesses have the opportunity to make the transition without taking on the burden of an upfront cost or risking liability. The different asset finance deals and set interest rate deals allows for business owners pay for the fleet over time and have set instalment payments without a large balloon payment. 

The Government also run a support initiative where fully electric cars do not have to pay any road tax, which means that businesses also have the chance to save by not paying road tax and save financially each month and make the change more affordable and worthwhile. 

Tips to make your fleet work for you   

Many businesses worry that running an EV fleet will end up being more costly, and have a negative impact on their operations. But, by following a few simple tips, not only can it improve your company, but make the move worth your while.  

  • By planning travel routes, and aligning driver breaks with charging times, your business can save time and money by choosing the best charging stations.  
  • Ensuring that your EV fleet is fully charged before leaving allows for the cheapest energy to be used, as energy from homes or the office is often cheaper than the rapid charging points.  
  • Make sure to plan driving routes when going into remote areas to prevent losing charge without a nearby charging station. 

With these few simple steps, and investing time into your new fleet, making the move can be financially sustainable and worthwhile.  

How Dawsongroup Finance can help your business make the move   

Asset finance is one of the many ways in which businesses can make the move, and with our Smarter Asset Strategy, we can offer companies the chance to make use of a vehicle, or an entire fleet, without having to own it outright and deal with the issues that may arise. 

At Dawsongroup Finance, we are committed to finding the perfect financial solution for your business. With our team of experienced lenders, we can work through the lending types and find the one that works best for your business needs while ensuring that it is still affordable and functional.  

So, if your business is considering moving to an EV fleet, get in touch with our team and let us guide you through the transition process.