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Helping you prepare for the unprecedented Christmas rush

The Christmas decorations might not quite be up, but UK businesses are well into their preparations for Christmas – and at Dawsongroup Finance we’re already helping many put in place the capabilities they need to meet demand and capitalise on this busy trading period.

Christmas 2020

This Christmas, much like the rest of 2020, is set to look quite different from preceding years. Lockdown has closed most shops once again during the traditionally busy month of November, pushing shoppers back online, but with the measures set to ease just weeks away from the big day, they are likely to surge back into stores for a last-minute flurry in December.

After a turbulent year, a lot is riding on Christmas 2020, and with demand for eCommerce delivering and material handling expected to reach new heights, it is more important than ever for businesses’ logistics chains to be working seamlessly and at optimum capacity.

But capabilities sufficient throughout the rest of the year often fall short at this time; businesses need to get prepared, whether that is just with a temporary uplift in their delivery capacity or longer-term improvements to their logistics facilities.

Expanding your capacity

That is where we can help – and every year companies come to us for flexible finance solutions to help them get it right during the all-important Christmas period, whether that be bringing on new trucks or cold stores, or the latest material handling technology to ensure warehouses are running optimally.

At Dawsongroup Finance we have this year, for example, fulfilled a leasing contract worth £15million to supply delivery trucks and trailers to a supermarket chain, allowing them to expand their delivery capacity significantly over the coming months.

This is one of the many asset finance solutions which Dawsongroup Finance can provide to support businesses, helping them to respond to changing demands while maintaining the business capital they need to see them through the current economic challenges.

Onward to 2021

As part of the wider Dawsongroup PLC, we at Dawsongroup Finance have been working with our group colleagues to aid the supply of a wide range of assets throughout 2020, from vans, trucks and trailers, to ambulances, buses and coaches, to forklifts, sweepers and temporary storage units.

It has been a tough year for many, but as always, with challenges, come opportunities and we have been privileged to support many businesses in adapting to the shifting circumstances and seizing those emerging business openings.

As we all welcome the recent good news about a viable COVID vaccine roll out on the horizon, we look ahead with hope to the turning of the year. Rest assured we will be here, providing the flexible tailored finance solutions businesses need to succeed in 2021.