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Our journey to £150million!

We have been celebrating a pretty big milestone for our small team here at Dawsongroup Finance – with our current business portfolio now exceeding £150million! 

But more important than the headline figure is the story of our business and the ethos and approach which has seen us grow to this point – so here we’d like to share with you a bit more about our route to that £150m milestone – and it’s a story of speed, flexibility, knowledge, simplicity, and great customer service. 

Firstly, we have a fantastic 12-strong team, supported by a field-based sales team of six, who have a unique understanding of their customers’ needs. Being part of a major asset group, which is a significant purchaser and operator of assets across a multitude of sectors, we know the markets our clients are operating in, their needs, and the challenges they face. Not only can we provide advice on the assets they require finance for, but we have valuable access to suppliers and manufacturers too. That means we’re flexible and fast-moving, in a way banks and other independent finance providers can’t be – we can find the right asset, secure funding, and complete the transaction all within the same day. 

Knowledge underpins everything we do here – but we don’t do jargon! We believe that asset finance needn’t be complex, and we like to ensure customers are totally clear on every aspect of their dealing with us. Making decisions that are fair and sensible is key to our philosophy. None of this has changed despite the pandemic and the turbulent times for businesses. The fact that we continue to grow indicates to us that this works! 

Our understanding has also meant we can recognise and move to meet shifting demands. As our clients have been adapting to changes in consumer retail, and the developments around AI and big data we too have adapted to meet the resulting demand for faster decisions when it comes to financing. 

Dawsongroup’s unique perspective of providing assets across the supply chain meant that we could predict the changing requirements for successful businesses when five years ago we invested in a new bespoke lease administration system to improve speed and clarity of service. 

This industry-leading technology, built just for us, enables us to be much more responsive. So, if a customer needs a settlement figure, we do it – today. Or, if they require a year-end balance statement, we do that today. That level of responsiveness has been really important in our growth over the years since. 

And we don’t expect things to slow down either; 2020 has only accelerated the change in customer demand for flexibility in asset finance. The change in consumer behaviour in retail is creating demands for more cohesive logistics, the trend towards the Fresh Chain, and rethinking packaging, meaning that businesses need greater flexibility and speed of service to adapt and grow with these new opportunities. Big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and a move towards cleaner energy are also driving the need for funding investment in newer technologies. Our customers old and new can rest assured we are ready to help them. 

We are excited about where we go from here – watch this space for news of the next big milestone!