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Cost-Effective Benefits of Business Van Leasing

Business vehicle leasing is a way of purchasing a new fleet of commercial vehicles by paying small monthly instalments over the curse of a few years, rather than buying the fleet in one sum. After the contract period of a few years is over, you hand the vehicle back and get a new one. If this is the first time you’ve heard about leasing, here are some of the cost-effective benefits of business van leasing.

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Electric Vans vs Conventional Vans | Van Leasing by Dawsongroup Finance

Electric Vans vs Conventional Vans

Looking to expand your vehicle fleet or upgrade it with new vans? Now is the best time to consider electric van leasing vs. conventionally powered van leasing. Fuel prices are rising and there is a nation-wide call for businesses to run a greener operation, from recycling waste material through to running your entire business on renewable energy. However, there are drawbacks to electric power, and most businesses in the UK run their operations on conventionally powered vans. So…

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